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Recent recommendation
"When my dog, Scotty died after a short illness, it was my first experience of losing a dog. Alongside grief, I struggled with trauma and a profound sense of guilt that he had suffered so much in his last days and these thoughts replayed in my head on a loop. However, I also knew that because I love dogs so much and plan to always have dogs, that I needed to come to terms with the inevitable loss that will also be a part of life.

Even though family and friends were supportive, I felt like I needed to talk to someone who really understood and had empathy for pet loss. I did a random online search and came across Sue's site. I felt, intuitively, that she was going to be the right person and she was able to fit me in at short notice.

The session felt really personal because Sue wanted to know all about Scotty and who he was. It was cathartic being able to recount what had happened to him and at the end of the session I already felt like a weight had been lifted. I had a second session, by which time I was feeling more positive.

However, I really like knowing that I can book a session anytime I need it. I can't predict how I will feel and sometimes the sadness and grief hits again out of the blue, and situations such as the recent addition of a new puppy, bring up a whole jumble of different emotions again, which can be hard to process. I would highly recommend that anyone going through the loss of a beloved pet should reach out to Sue and not struggle alone."

Having to make the decision to end our pet's life is heart breaking. You may have questions like "how will I know when it's time?" "What happens during euthanasia?" You may feel that your world has come crashing down and you have no control.

Or you may have lost your pet unexpectedly, be devastated, in shock and totally unprepared for the raft of emotions that you are experiencing.

I can help. As an Advanced Pet Bereavement Counsellor with extensive knowledge of the human-animal bond, I will offer you compassion, empathy and support at this very difficult time. I will guide you through the grief process, the decisions you may need to make and help you to understand why you are hurting so badly.

Human grief is natural and if you need help on your pathway to healing, I will be there to support you, wherever you are in the UK.

Please read on to discover how Pet Bereavement Counselling can help you.

Stay safe x

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