Some forward thinking businesses now recognise the benefits of referring their employees for Pet Bereavement Counselling to show compassion and minimise the effect on productivity. In the current Covid-19 climate the detrimental impact on overall mental health and wellbeing has been widely acknowledged. It has also been reported that during lockdown and restrictions that have followed, some people have relied heavily on their pets for comfort and company during these worrying times. If you have employees who work from home and their pet passes away, you may like to consider the benefits of Pet Bereavement Counselling which can aid the natural grieving process.

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If you are a junior, senior school or college and are interested in offering Pet Bereavement Counselling to your students, there are ways in which we can work together, even with the current Covid-19 restrictions. My sessions are currently available online using video calls or you can contact me to book a session so that we can look at resources and other ways to help your Pastoral Care team provide exceptional care to your children who are devastated by the loss of a pet. With some children's mental health being affected as a result of lockdown, restrictions and uncertainty over exams, now is a perfect time to prepare yourselves in case you have a pupil who is affected by the loss of their pet. Having worked in Pastoral Care myself on a voluntary basis for two years I know how important your work is and how much the children benefit.

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If you are a charity providing Service, Therapy or Assistance dogs and would like more information about Advanced Pet Bereavement Counselling
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